Buy Cheaper Eyeglasses Online

Are you always stay in front of computer screens or often watching television series? Your eyes will be seriously effected if you do so. And most of you have to wear eyeglasses for clearer vision. There are two types of glasses are available – contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. For people who don’t like to wear eyeglasses would like to choose to wear contacts which is so small that no effort is needed to support heavy weight. But it is a much complicated task to put on and take off. So contacts are not suitable for kids. Eyeglasses are much heavier than contacts, but to some point it can enhance your beauty. The major purpose of wearing glasses is to correct refractive errors. So lenses overwhelm frames when selecting eyeglasses.

Here are some different type of lenses.
Basic lenses are made for wearers whose prescription are as low as +/- 0.00 to 2.00. In fact low diopter lenses are quite thinner that need not to order a high index lenses.
Thin lenses are 30% to 50% thinner than regular basic lenses. These lenses are designed for wearers who suffer from +/- 2.00 to 4.00. These lenses seem just like the basic lenses for its1.60 index.
Extra thin lenses are at an index of 1.67 which are 45% thinner than the basic ones. And these lenses are typically for prescriptions over +/- 4.00 for maximum results.
There are one kind of thinnest lenses for those with diopters beyond +/-6.00. These lenses are available with 1.74 index . Once these high index lenses are produced, all wearers are glad to replace for the new one to reduce the heavy weight on noses.

Eyeglasses are commonly utilized by people who want to see clearly when they are doing work. Beside these high index lenses, there are various materials used in making lenses and various coatings for different purpose. Just as lenses, different types of frames are available in the market that can be used in eyeglasses depending on different material and styles.

Nowadays there are thousands of online spectacle store selling prescription eyeglasses at nice price. Not only regular glasses, there are also some brand eyeglasses are available to customers. More discount attracts lots of wearers to purchase eyeglasses online.