High Quality Online Glasses

Most of us young people, I believe, are aware of an emergence of a new and exciting mode of information economy driven by networked technology. What I want to say is that the computer Internet is transforming business operation patterns and contributing to what is called the new information economy. An immediate consequence of this profound change is the simplification of business transaction. Take, for example, the way that I recently bought a pair of men’s glasses.

I was near sighted and I was so careless that I broke my old glasses last weekend. I needed a pair of new men’s glasses badly, but as an employee of an emerging transnational company, I was always having my hands full. So I couldn’t afford the time to go from store to store to select a suitable pair of glasses for myself. For this reason I chose to try the online shopping.

First I went into the online glasses store that my associate recommended to me strongly and said that this store was terrifically excellent in terms of both its products and its service. He asserted that there would be nothing wrong with the quality of the variety of glasses sold there and their prices were constant reasonable and thus the high satisfaction and frequent purchase of the customers. Taking his suggestion, I began browsing the pages of this store and selecting among the seas of colors and designs of glasses. I preferred the somewhat dark colors and formal designs, so I chose a dark-blue framed pair of glasses with rectangular lens which made would make me look both mature sophisticated and youthful, not too old-fashioned. The sales representative promised to deliver the glasses as soon as possible, and indeed, I received them just about two days later. The transaction lasted less than 30 minutes. It was easy and simple and without any hassle. I clicked in, I was informed and I was an informed buyer.

No sooner had I got this pair of men’s glasses than I examined it closely and then wore it the next day. Both my families and collogues said that it was very suitable for me. And some of them also want to try this online store http://www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net/, and I think they won’t be disappointed.