How to Choose Eyeglasses Without Diopters?

Nowadays, eyeglasses without diopters is very ubiquitous among many people, especially in winter when there is a lot of sand, non-degree eyeglasses can help to prevent sand entering the human eyes, in addition, the prevention of ultraviolet radiation is well. How to select a pair of non-degree eyeglasses? Among the many styles of eyeglasses in front of you, how to choose the most suitable for your own, should it needs some skills and methods?

Let us introduce you to choose eyeglasses without diopters:

1. With ordinary eyeglass lenses produced by professional manufactures, the flank of lenses are observed in green. The light transmission rate of this glass is low and uneven texture, containing many impurities, stripes, bubbles and so on, what’s more they are mostly in flat convex or concave type.

2. Thesurface shape of lens should be ruled, there should not be spiral-shaped, and other stange lines. The easy approach of reorganization is to hold with both hands and place it in front of eyes, convex of lens should be outward, move up and down slowly. To observe distant objects from the lens, if most of the objects are stationary, but locally there is the phenomenon of wave-like beat, it is indicating there is uneven on the surface of the lens .

3. Some people like to wear crystal glasses to show the status of noble of themselves, in fact, the optical properties of crystal lens is far less than high-quality optical eyeglasses. So it is recommended for consumers not to wear.

4 Sunglasses are all plain mirrors without the vertex degrees. If there is dizziness, nausea and other symptoms after wearing them, you should be aware that there are vertex power on lens. When the plain edge of the thickness ranges, the objects may have been shifted by wearing them. Then you’d better to choose another pairs.

5. Qualified metal frames whose surface is good without any scratches, and the two circles should of the same size, all parts should be refined. There shall be soft-hard feel, moderate-intensity of high-quality plastic frames. Regular eyeglass frames should be marked with the specifications, size, grade and so forth.

When you are prescribing eyeglasses, we recommend you to an regular spectacle stores or professional online shops, and request invoices and packages repair, replacement, a caveat vendor credentials in case of any accidents.