Today’s new points in prescription eyeglasses

Today, you may find it is really rare to find people wearing glass material lenses for their prescription eyeglasses, which were really popular before so many years of technology developing in the field of eye wear lenses. Plastic materials are dominated in nowadays market, they have the same effect, used for patients suffered from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, as out-dated glass ones, and even better. For example, if you have a really strong Rx, -8.00 or even deeper, light and thin plastic lenses with stronger refractive index are more attractive than thick glass lenses. What’s more, the competition between companies is fierce, and it also stimulated them to design new prescription eyeglasses, thus the whole glasses market is booming!

The first point I want to introduce is synthetic eyeglasses lenses, such as CR-39, photochromatic, polycarbonate and so on. Polycarbonate ones today is really milestone in the history of lens materials, sometime they are also known as PC lenses, which is featuring at their durability and lightweight, what’s more, they also can filter out the UV rays without applying special coatings. Due to its outstanding performance, parents are more inclined to choosing them for their kids, who are really tough on their stuffs. In this case, you probably don’t need to buy a new pair periodically in a not long term by choosing PC lenses at the beginning.

Another great movement for eyeglasses lenses innovation is the anti-reflective coatings, you can also call them AR-coatings, which can both eliminate the glare from the outside and inside of your lenses, so, they can make your lens appeared to be much thinner, and that’s why most rimless glasses are suggested to adopt them. What’s more, they are really beneficial for drivers at night, as they can eliminate the glare from the headlight of coming cars and surface of the road, providing you a much clear vision! Usually, such ARs can improve the transmissivity of your lens as much as 97%!

Another great movement in prescription lenses is scratch-resistant layer. Usually, plastic ones can get scratched easily without any special surface treatment, and scratches will distort your vision, thus causing a nasty feeling for you. While these special coatings will prevent scratches effectively!

All in all, today’s development for prescription eyeglasses is really booming, and you also don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for new ones just as talking above. Try to log on http://www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net/, you will be amazed by their cheap and stylish eyeglasses!